Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Circle of Truth - The Wooden Hut

Villagers wake up to another cold winter morning. The mountains are dressed up like brides, bright faces, sparkling and innocent. The Sun still shy and hides behind the brides. However, that did not stop the villagers from getting prepared for their special day, and they did not realize that this day was special for quite a few in the West - They were celebrating the 201st birthday of Jesus Christ.

The villagers eagerly prepared for their routine ceremony. They walk two hours to the temple on top of a small hill where they worship their Goddess. Winter forces them to reduce their visit to once a month. On their way up they saw few next generation people (rebels) working on something peculiar. They (rebels) were the ones who never believed in the blind rituals. They saw some of the rebels where near the waterfall and some at the bottom of the hill.

Days and nights wrapped each other and moved forward. The Rebels worked in the worst winter for something the villagers could not fathom. After many white day moons, the mercury started rising. The sound of the waterfall and the chirping birds announced the arrival of the spring.

The spring starts with their usual ceremony, the visit to the Hilltop Temple. However, they were welcomed with something different this time. A couple of the rebels was standing in the made up wooden hut at the bottom of the hill. Villagers thought another prank from the rebels and they started to climb the hill. One by one, they walked through the rough rock steps, going up to the temple like a black serpent.

When the villagers were 15 minutes away from the temple, they heard a sound and they looked down. To their amazement, they saw the hut climbing up. While the villagers held on to their breadth and stood motionless, the hut slowly moved up and within minutes it reached the top of the hill near the temple.

Yes! Instead of hours, the rebels could reach the top of the hill in the wooden hut within minutes.

Rebel Leader failed in explaining to the villagers how they used water from the waterfall to create a mechanical elevator and how it will help the old and the small kids to reach the temple faster.

He was thrown out of the village for doing black magic. His team became the outcasts. They said, even if it is not black magic it may not be stable. It is dangerous!

The valley was filled up with flowers and bright colors. The sun is bright and hot and the harvest is over and it's festival time.

The outcast rebels wake up thinking they might be freed on the festival day. The day, they celebrate the new Heroes. Finally, the village head announced the Hero; honoring his effort in carrying the old people to and from the temple within minutes. A face the rebels could not recognize.

Yes! The Hero used the Wooden Hut.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Epilogue (The Journey)

“The sun shining bright, the shadows were small. The horses circled around him. They saw two marks on his foot”.

Those marks were from the black cobra. The Cobra bit him. Now if you read the story (Blog - The Journey) carefully you will find the following three elements towards the end.

  1. Well was still far away.
  2. Horses catching up with him
  3. Cobra was NOT in his path
In the end, finally when the horses reached him why was he bitten by a cobra. Does it mean?
  1. In the desperation, he moved towards the Cobra instead of well
  1. He realized that he will not be able to reach the well in time to escape and he does not want to be caught by the people in the horses so he moved towards the cobra.
Now, what happened to him? The cobra bit him accidentally or he let the cobra bite him.
Now the question is why this happened.

In the second last paragraph for the first time in ‘The Journey’, the ‘Fear’ aroused. The Fear of Failure. The fear casts doubts in your abilities. One of the reasons for the fear was his solitude.
The worst solitude is to be destitute of sincere friendship
- Francis Bacon.
And the fear overpowered him.

“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be.
If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it.
On the contrary, if I shall have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning”.
- Mahatma Gandhi

What lies between success and failure is the fear. A great teamwork pushes the fear far behind the horizon. Moreover, in solitude, it (fear – fear of failure) is the worst daemon you have to face and overcome.

Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid.
- John 14.27 (New Testament)

May fear and dread not conquer me.
- Buddha (Majjhima Nikaya 6.8)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Journey

He searched for the roots of the heartfelt cry, wandering across the forest he found kids scared and lost. He gave them his food and realized that their destination is not his. However, he decided to change his plans or his destiny. He felt guiding the kids, to their destination were his karma. He turned and took the narrow path through the thick herbs.
The moment he took the first step, he felt something heavy on his shoulder, and the weight kept on increasing and it almost forced him to his knees. Then he heard a voice. He does not know whether it came from his soul or from the darkness around him and he had a choice to make.
Choice One: If he has to guide the kids to the destination, then he has to carry the invisible heavy wooden cross on his shoulder all the way. Moreover, any step forward will lose his ability to move backward.

Choice Two: Leave the kids alone in the dark path and turn back.
He looked at their faces and they smiled back. He realized that he is the light for them and he could not turn back.

It was a long journey. He gave all his food and water to the kids. Finally, they reached near a riverbank and its time for the sun to hide in the forest again. They lost count on days and nights they walked. They decided to take rest near the riverbank. He closed his eyes and still, he could see the stars in the sky, it has been like that for some time now. He remembered the different birds and animals they saw on the way. The voice came back and again gave him two choices.

Choice One: The kids can go alone across the river, however only some will reach the other side not all. However, whoever reaches the other side will be free and his invisible heavy wooden cross will disappear forever making way for his path towards his destination.
Choice Two: He could guide one by one across the river and then all the kids will be free. However, then he has to walk that extra mile to reach the well. Drinking water from that well brings his old energy back making way for his path towards his destination and of course without the heavy wooden cross.

He remembered Robert Frost:

Woods are lovely, dark, and deep
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

The sun gave birth to another beautiful day. The cross was heavy; however, he could not feel it because he was too involved in guiding the little kids across the river, one by one. Holding their hands tightly he moved slowly across the shallow river. There were times he could feel the sand under his feet moving away as the underwater current was strong.
He felt happy when all the kids crossed the river. He could see the smile in their heart and tears in their eyes. Then they vanished into the free world where they could live without any fear. He felt content because he changed their destiny.

The cross is heavy. All these days and nights, he never felt it like that. He knew it is only a mile to go. Only a mile to carry the heavy wooden cross. The morning mist is still around like a shy Indian bride. He heard a beautiful song and it was so close to him. It was a nightingale sitting on top of his ‘heavy wooden cross’. Then it flew over to the broken signboard on the ground. It said ‘Worshiping or possession of wooden cross banned in this country’.

He moved forward he knew he has to reach the well. It was slow and painful. He never realized it was so heavy. He could see the wall of the well made up of big rocks. He could sense the water. On the other hand, is he thirsty? Somewhere far behind him, he could hear the nightingale singing. He heard something else too. The drum beats or is it the horses running towards him with guardians on top? He looked back and counted one, two, three, and four and ahead he looked at the well, few more yards it is all over, ‘The thirst, the heavy wooden cross, the pain’.

He knew what would happen if the horses reach him first before he could reach the well. His destiny will be re-written again. Somewhere deep within him, he realized that ‘fear gave birth' with long wings, red eyes, horns on the head. He looked back again, it is getting closer, and the well is still far. He heard something else. It was a black cobra not on his path but closer than the well. He saw other faces, the faces part of his life, his soul, his body, the faces, waiting for his return.

The sun shining bright, the shadows were small. The horses circled around him. They saw two marks on his foot.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Being on Top of the World

How do you feel when you reach on top of the Mount Everest? You feel like you conquered the world, isn’t it? Now consider the following scenarios.

Once you are at the top, you feel excited and tired (at the same time) but you will have the satisfaction of achieving something extraordinary.

However, if you really look back and see what was more exciting?

  1. Being on top of the Mount Everest in freezing cold and all alone at the top.
  1. The stiff challenges it (Everest) thrown at you on your way up.

Will you have the same exciting feeling if you took an elevator to reach the top? I hope not. What makes you strong are the various types of challenges you faced at different times.

There were times you thought it is not possible.
There were times you lost all the hope.
Still, what makes you move forward is your will to reach the destination.

Now comes the next question (once you got over the hangover of being at the top) what do I do next.

Find the next big challenge (deep sea diving?!)

Thursday, January 06, 2005

No Reply

No Reply

No reply for so long
My heart sings a sad song.
It’s the sheer waiting
Which makes me driving
Out of my mind
And makes my heart faint.

I remember your tender kisses
The feel of your hands, your caress
But now no sense in dreaming
Without you, my life has no meaning.

Your fragrance makes me burning
Inside my heart yearning

touch you, to kiss you
But I miss you, I miss you.

Your wet lips and your smile
Love makes it worthwhile.
Do not let me cry any more
Hold me like you did before.
All the night you were kissing
Everything that I have been missing.

Your love makes me blind
And caress me sweet and kind
Your tender touch keeps me under,
And your looks, I feel the thunder.
We need a kind of weather
Where our love last forever.